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Kickstart 01


Kickstart is a new and exciting event that aims to bring back a national Amiga event to the UK after several years. It is a unique combination of a user group event and a trade show, centered around all things Amiga!

The Output:

Our team provided two day multi camera livestream coverage of specialist speakers streamed on Twitch.Tv and website. Viewers from across the world were able to watch presentations and participate in a Q&A sessions.

Kickstart 01 Amiga Show UK
Kickstart 01


Multi-camera livestream pulled in viewers from United Kingdom, Norway, United States, Germany, Latvia, Australia, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, France, Netherlands, Brazil and Ireland. It increased the visibility of the event setting up a positive expectations for the increase in attendance next year.

Your event can go global, get in touch.

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